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100% of the proceeds earned from selling our bracelets fund postnatal bags

What we do

Our 'postnatal bags' for rural mums who give birth in hospitals contain some essential baby care products and information useful to the new mothers, which also serve as an incentive to motivate other rural mothers to choose clinic births instead of home births. 

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I came up with the idea as result of a school project that I opted to focus on the maternal health problems faced by mothers in Kenya, which I had seen first-hand, as during holidays in rural Kenya I had worked as a volunteer at clinics in the Kerio Valley and Isiolo. 

Apart from childbirth being safe, it should be special, enjoyable, comfortable, a moment of pride, to be cherished by the mother. The reality for many is very different. Instead, they have no clothes for the baby, no clean blankets, and struggle to afford soap and other basics. I decided that the solution was a postnatal bag.

When I handed in my high school project in Canada, my math teacher encouraged me to take it beyond our classroom and explore how it might become a reality. And that was when I came up with the idea of producing bracelets for sale in order to fund the bags. The 'Do Right' Project was then up and running.


Our partners are mothers, midwives, and hospitals.

In order to finance the essential postnatal bundles for mothers, we sell bracelets that carry the simple message "Do Right'. An amazing pool of women in Kenya's maximum security prison is committed to making 98% of our bracelets. Apart from training them, we are their highest payer and were their first employer from the outside. They use their income to support their children and buy snacks, self-care and hygiene products.