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Do Right is a trust registered in Kenya which contributes toward reducing maternal and infant mortality in Kenya by encouraging women to give birth in a clinic under skilled birth attendance, rather than at home. We are a youth-led initiative, founded by 16-year-old Kenyan-Canadian high school student, Davina Field-Marsham. Davina developed the initiative, which involves selling bracelets with silver ‘Do Right’ charms to raise funds for the Do Right bags. Originating as a school research project, the initiative has gained momentum, with a current sales team of 35 students who raise funds by selling the bracelets online, in stores, at weekly markets and pop-up shops in shopping malls.

I believe that the first contact between a mother and her newborn is special and should be enjoyable, comfortable and a moment of pride for her to cherish forever. The reality for many rural mothers is radically different. Instead, many give birth at home in unsafe conditions. They get little or no postnatal help and have no access to basic baby products. They have no clothes for them, no clean blankets, and struggle to afford soap and other hygiene basics. I hope that one day most rural mothers in Kenya will choose the safety of clinics over home births and that they will be able to afford the products they need. Davina.

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