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Posted by Mehrdad Ema on

women in clinic

We provide incentives for mothers to give birth in hospitals by equipping them with baby products, care products, and education they would not otherwise have.

Our simple gesture of communicating a sincere "thank you” with our postnatal bags goes a long way in encouraging new mothers incentives to break their health habits of home births.  In addition to essential postnatal care products, our bundles offer postnatal health education for rural mothers about mental and physical health, breastfeeding, nutrition, sanitation and hygiene, when to seek hospital care for themselves and their baby, the importance of giving birth in clinics, and the potential dangers of not doing so (especially in a country where ambulatory or outpatient care is inadequate or non-existent). Our bags are tailored to meet the needs and requests of specific communities: mosquito nets are provided in malaria zones and nutritious food is offered to malnourished mothers. Purchases of DoRight bracelets allow us to spend $50-$16  per bag, depending on its contents.

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